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Tapatalk Upgrade
Tapatalk Upgrade
I've just upgraded to the latest version of Tapatalk. Can someone who uses it confirm everything is working OK?


- Tiberius
Re: Tapatalk Upgrade
This forum has been terrible. Instead of the last read post I get directed to the last post. No kudos. Still working like this, if that's a good thing.
I wish support for this forum software would get added, I see there's quite a few of us using it.
RE: Tapatalk Upgrade
Erm, they do have support for this forum. That's the only reason I could install the plugin.

The "last read post" issue you will need to take up with the Tapatalk devs, not me.

The "no kudos" issue will probably never be fixed, since kudos is a 3rd party plugin for MyBB, and there are lots of different ones out there.
Re: Tapatalk Upgrade
No disrespect to this forum intended. It's just frustrating. The upgrade apparently gives us nothing.
Which plugin do you use? Could you give out precise information: forum version and plugin, so that we can bug the devs effectively please?

Thanks for your work Wink
RE: Tapatalk Upgrade
This is the plugin: http://www.tapatalk.com/activate_tapatal...lugin=mybb

We're using the latest version of it, and of MyBB. Note that MyBB have nothing to do with this plugin, nor do I. MyBB only develops the forum software; Tapatalk is responsible for making the plugin work with the software (and also with their App).
Re: Tapatalk Upgrade
Thanks, but I meant mybb and kudos plugin name and versions
RE: Tapatalk Upgrade
Ah. Well I'm not entirely sure the kudos plugin is supported anymore by the MyBB mods site. We installed it years ago, and there are many others which have sprung up since then. The only reason we've stuck with ours is because it's a massive pain to convert to another one.

If you can find a Tapatalk-compatible kudos plugin I'll have a look into it though.
Re: Tapatalk Upgrade
Questions asked Wink
RE: Tapatalk Upgrade
I've had to deactivate Tapatalk. The thing was creating a stupid amount of SQL errors, which means it's probably badly coded and prone to security vulnerabilities. Sorry, at the moment it's too much of a risk.
RE: Tapatalk Upgrade
For those impacted, its been my experience that the regular version of the site (i.e. not mobile) is quite usable on Android and IOS (on an average smartphone screen or iPhone 3g) - enough so that I don't bother with Tapatalk at all anymore.

Hopefully Tapatalk will be back, but at least there's a workaround.

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