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ISP Web Activity Data
ISP Web Activity Data
Question deleted because it is probably inappropriate for this website.
ISP Web Activity Data
Damn, now I want to know what it was...
RE: ISP Web Activity Data
(May 15, 2013 at 12:34 pm)Tiberius Wrote: Damn, now I want to know what it was...

I just wanted to know if anybody had any experience with ISPs and, if so, the software applications that were typically used to monitor Web Activity Data (that produced server log files). I asked this question on another website, and they replied with programs such as SolarWinds Orion and Sprint Compass.

I am not feeling very good at the moment, so I have marked myself as "away.

RE: ISP Web Activity Data
There are applications available that can monitor all Internet traffic on a given LAN, CAN or WAN. SolarWinds is a good one to get. This relates not just to the Web, but VoIP, video, etc.

Sorry if that sounded too technical, but a major aspect of my job includes computer network design, so this why.

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