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What's everyone up to right now?
RE: What's everyone up to right now?
Getting ready for another exciting day of doing absolutely nothing after the kiddos go to school. I think I'll get a nap in there since I only got two hours of sleep.
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RE: What's everyone up to right now?
(10 hours ago)SteelCurtain Wrote: Watching Big Little Lies on HBO.

It's really good. Just saw Alexander Skarsgård's dong. It's really good.

RE: What's everyone up to right now?
(Yesterday, 20:46)Silent Snob Wrote: Tryilng to make  good use of my clipped off toe-nails.  That's called recygling.

Pop them into a little bag and give them as a snack to a friend who bites their nails.
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(21st June 2016, 07:31)Homeless Nutter Wrote: When someone is knocked on the head, they may see stars. That doesn't mean we should rely on their testimony, when studying astrophysics...
RE: What's everyone up to right now?
Drinking coffee and catching up on the forum. It's my morning ritual. Brew coffee, see what bullshit Little Rik has spewed overnight.
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