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Current time: 21st November 2017, 11:32

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What's everyone up to right now?
RE: What's everyone up to right now?
(18th November 2017, 15:27)Dave B Wrote: Hammy, it is my experience and opinion that, no matter what PCness people spout, we are still rather prehistoric in our reactions to each other in "spontaneous" situations. On average men still go for healthy women with good child bearing/rearing characteristics and women go for men who can evidently defend and support them. 

Unfortunately these are not always good reasons in the 21stC if it only involves only physical characteristics! But both genders need some kind of "hook" to get attention in the first place. After that it's compatability all the way.

Sorry, got into  [Image: BnXpI2a.jpg] mode there.

Well if your opinion is correct then no wonder I'm so useless with the women. I can barely support myself let alone anybody else.

(18th November 2017, 15:38)Industrial Lad Wrote: You're a lot better looking than me, though, Hammy. You're a cool guy too.

I have no idea what you look like, dude. And you're cool.

I think I am good looking, intelligent, a nice guy, and I'm also modest. I'm not remotely cool. I'm extremely uncool. But none of these things, including my extreme uncoolness, seem to get me the babes, ever.
We do not change our minds. Our minds change us.
RE: What's everyone up to right now?

Might have to start a game of murder in the dark.
There is nothing better in life than lying next to the one you love.

And they don't know that you love them.

Or that you're in their house again.


RE: What's everyone up to right now?
(Yesterday, 18:33)The Valkyrie Wrote: Bored!

Might have to start a game of murder in the dark.


I was trying to think of something to liven up my motley Thanksgiving gathering.
RE: What's everyone up to right now?
(Yesterday, 18:33)The Valkyrie Wrote: Bored!

Might have to start a game of murder in the dark.

Have you had a curiosectomy or something?

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