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RE: Kudos
Based on the all time top ten, it helps to be on the staff. 2/8 aren't or haven't been, Rhythm and Minimalist. We might not get paid, kudos is all the sustenance we need Tongue
When I was young, there was a god with infinite power protecting me. Is there anyone else who felt that way? And was sure about it? but the first time I fell in love, I was thrown down - or maybe I broke free - and I bade farewell to God and became human. Now I don't have God's protection, and I walk on the ground without wings, but I don't regret this hardship. I want to live as a person. -Arina Tanemura

RE: Kudos
(October 17, 2013 at 2:06 pm)Stimbo Wrote:
(October 17, 2013 at 4:12 am)max-greece Wrote: The only trouble is I never get kudos for the posts I think I will - the ones that I actually put time and effort into. Invariably I get kudos for posts I just rattle off without a second thought.

Not just me, then. Sometimes I'll put so much effort into a post, painfully drafting and redrafting every word to be as perfect as I can make it, only to find that someone's quoted me, stuck a picture of a cat on it and sucked up all me kudos.

Even worse than that is that some minor error slips through the checking and then everyone jumps all over that and forgets the rest of the post that took 2 days to put together.
RE: Kudos
(October 17, 2013 at 2:04 pm)Stimbo Wrote: I've figured out that the fastest way to climb that ladder would be to systematically track down and assassinate everyone above me on it. Trouble is, though there's nothing specifically in the rules against that, I suspect that it might be a banning offense, or at the very least earn me a verbal warning.

Pro-tip: Most of them are staff. Get them all at once, and you're untouchable.
RE: Kudos
One thing I've wondered is why under your profile it lists your kudos ratio not as in how many kudos you get compared to the number of posts you make, but it's the number of kudos compared to the number of posts you receive with kudos. For example, I've made over 3300 posts, but when you click on my profile it shows

Quote:Received kudos 3008 times in 1491 posts. (Ratio: 2.02)

So if someone makes a bunch of crap posts, and then makes one good posts which receives 10 kudos, it would show a ratio of 10.00. I think a slightly better judge would be to compare the number of kudos vs. total number of posts, though the number would probably always be less than 1.
Christian apologetics is the art of rolling a dog turd in sugar and selling it as a donut.
RE: Kudos

All kudos ever given, most recent first: http://atheistforums.org/kudos.php

33,000+ pages?


I bet its a trip down memory lane, though.
RE: Kudos
aw cummon!

Kaye! You just gave Min another kudo for that?!

Well, I just joined area 69. I'm hoping to get my kudo score growin'.
Pointing around: "Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, you're cool, fuck you, I'm out!"
Half Baked

"Let the atheists come to me, and stop keeping them away, because the kingdom of heathens belongs to people like these." -Saint Bacon
RE: Kudos
Something will be growing...
Even if the open windows of science at first make us shiver after the cozy indoor warmth of traditional humanizing myths, in the end the fresh air brings vigor, and the great spaces have a splendor of their own - Bertrand Russell
RE: Kudos
Someone on this forum has a kudos ratio of 2.93 ...

RE: Kudos
[Image: cm-31633-050a5e040521bb.jpeg]
RE: Kudos
God Buggerer ...

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