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Shit blind people say
Shit blind people say
"Dude, come touch this it feels awesome!"
RE: Shit blind people say
"Damn, you're ugly."
My ignore list

"The lord doesn't work in mysterious ways, but in ways that are indistinguishable from his nonexistence."
-- George Yorgo Veenhuyzen quoted by John W. Loftus in The End of Christianity (p. 103).
RE: Shit blind people say
"Stop petting the dog, it has a fucking job to do, morons."

Wait, I think that was serious, maybe. At least, it really is a pet peeve of mine. I apologize. *hangs head in shame*

Wait, I have another one. "Superstition ain't the way!" What, don't all you blind people sing Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles songs all the time?
RE: Shit blind people say
"Who is it?"

"I'm having a blind girl moment."

"Oh shit! What happened?!"

"You smell awesome!"

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