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Shit my friends say
Shit my friends say
"Hey u gotta read this... Oops"

"Your aura is totally dingy, what have u been eating?"

"I'm like totally psychic."

"We need to pick up more selenite and rose tea."
RE: Shit my friends say
Hopefully this will pass soon. Your friends are not to blame. This is just evidence that Sylvia Browne is still trying to get back to our dimension.
RE: Shit my friends say
A friend of a friend told me that hes "A little bit psychic" so I should believe him when he says he knows something.. He then went on to tell me all the stuff he psychically knows about what happens when we die. He then called me and my friend closed minded for not believing he is psychic. Fucking idiot.
RE: Shit my friends say
"Aren't you scared of going to hell?"
RE: Shit my friends say
"Are you gonna finish that pizza?"

(gay friend) "I'd totally go straight for her/him."
RE: Shit my friends say
I have a friend who believes he can talk to his deceased father in his head...I would never try to take that away from him but he gets highly HIGHLY upset when I express my views on spirituality or "the soul" even when it isn't directed towards him. He clings onto that idea so tightly... almost like he is trying to convince himself that it is true. I feel bad for him.

The other day he called me close-minded because I said I was "extremely skeptical" of this post he made on FB about the conscious leaving the body and traveling to other universes upon our deaths...

I don't believe everything I read on the internet... especially if the URL has "blog-spot" in it.

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