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Overrated games
RE: Overrated games
(August 10, 2014 at 11:14 am)Napoléon Wrote: I look at Uncharted like this, they're basically doing what Tomb Raider did all those years ago. Thing is, Tomb Raider was pretty revolutionary for the time it came out, Uncharted, to me, doesn't exactly push any boundaries. The adventure genre has quite a few games similar in style to Uncharted. Hardly any of them are as well done, but, in the end, Uncharted isn't nothing new or exciting. To me at least.

Yeah UC reminded of me the old tomb raiders, so much nostalgy, but they are still not the same, a game done for a 7th generation console is a lot more different than a game dating back to 1998 or 1999. But UC is a lot better than the new tomb raiders IMO, I prefer the old ones by far.
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RE: Overrated games
(August 10, 2014 at 11:30 am)Blackout Wrote: but they are still not the same, a game done for a 7th generation console is a lot more different than a game dating back to 1998 or 1999.

Uh, they really are similar though. What generation they are on is irrelevant, the general style of the game is very similar. The puzzles, the 3rd person shooting, the 'adventure' style game world, the climbing mechanics. All these things are massively similar between tomb raider and uncharted. Back then it was quite revolutionary to put all these mechanics into a game, not so much these days. Ofcourse the graphics and gameplay have been improved immensely since tomb raider but that's not really what I was referring to.
RE: Overrated games
Watch_dogs. I paid no attention to the hype surrounding it since buying into it tends to leave me disappointed. So i finally get a copy from my brother for my birthday.

The game is incredible...ly boring. The story is uninteresting, you beat up robbers then walk down the street emptying the bank accounts of every passer by.
The story is bland. Your nephew is riding the train go get him before some gunmen catch him. Fun stuff!
The main character i think his name is...i dunno it starts with an A, is extremely forgettable, he's also the kind of tool that wears a sticker on his hat for some reason.
RE: Overrated games
Have to second The Last of Us. Amazing production values and graphics but was really let down by the game play.
RE: Overrated games
The entire Halo series


Most if not all sci-fi fps
RE: Overrated games
hmmm. I suppose that necroposting is only naughty when done by someone we DON'T like....

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