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Debate: Is there sufficient evidence to believe in evolution?
RE: Debate: Is there sufficient evidence to believe in evolution?
The debate is closed. His_Majesty forfeits due to complete disinterest in following the agreed-upon rules. As is our custom, a winner is never declared, it is up to each reader to decide for themselves.

To be clear on what happened here, here is the conversation where the rules were agreed to:

Esquilax Wrote:Hey there,

So, before we get a debate going- I've contacted the admins already, and they're cool with it- we need to agree on format rules. The debate area has a set of standardized rules which I think work well enough, basically a set of opening statements, responses to those, and then responses to responses, which are used for most debates. If those are fine with you then it's easy to proceed, but if you have any issues now's the time to bring them up, and we'll see if we can come to some form of compromise.

Looks good to me. My only question is will there be a time limit for responses? After you let me know the time limit, you can kick things off after that.

...and the exchange I had with H_M where I quoted the PM that was sent after he neglected to post an opening statement, and then followed that by posting out of turn. Obviously he thinks he can play by his own rules. He is mistaken.

His_Majesty Wrote:
Cthulhu Dreaming Wrote:What was it about the below that was unclear to you?

Greetings - you may be aware that your formal debate thread has been temporarily closed pending a decision on a procedural fault.

The issue at hand us that your first response was in the form of a rebuttal, when it should have been in the form of an opening argument where you present your case for your position for your opponent to rebut.

I spoke to Esquilax about the irregularity, and he indicated that he wants to continue the debate with the original format intact. In order for this to occur, here is what you need to do:

* Post your opening argument (your first contribution will count as your first rebuttal).
* Wait for Esquilax to post a rebuttal to your opening argument and a second post to respond to your rebuttal.
* Post your response to Esquilax's rebuttal.
* Allow Esquilax topost his response.
* Post your closing statement.

I will go ahead and re-open the thread in anticipation of you continuing in conformanxe with the above. Any further procedural faults will result in the debate being closed.



Let us do our thang. Everything was going well if someone wasn't playing the role of God in the entire thing (you). This is the only debate I've heard of where you have sessions where the participants respond to each others opening statements. After the original opening statements, it is time to get down to business. Screw all of the other formalities.
RE: Debate: Is there sufficient evidence to believe in evolution?
What gets me is that he agreed to the rules ahead of time, and then without discussing or even mentioning it to me, decides that he has unilateral control over the format of the debate we're having, while we're having it.

How is that remotely a fair minded thing to do?
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