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Teen suicide
RE: Teen suicide
The parents need to get punched in throat or even better yet go to jail.
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RE: Teen suicide
(December 31, 2014 at 12:45 pm)C4RM5 Wrote: So wait, what you are saying is that nature only justifies action in certain cases, if so who is tge judge of this.

Nature doesn't justify actions in cases where something done is wrong and bad (read: murder)

There is nothing wrong with homosexuality. You aren't actually hurting anyone. It's not something that should even have to be justified in the first place.

That's the difference between the two.
RE: Teen suicide
Being a gay man who was raised Catholic, to some degree I can understand why some gay teens are pushed to this. Personally it was never an issue for me, the religious teaching on homosexuality kinda whooshed over my head. My secular attitude made it possible, in my mind at least, to believe in the religion while still being gay. It's not like that for everyone though, there are some truly horrible parents out there who make it so difficult for their kids, and I revile it.

Also let me clear something up, the only "choice" there is with homosexuality is to be open and honest about it. These men who claim they have found God and are now "ex-gay" are thespians who think we are stupid. Ok, maybe occasionally it's possible for your sexuality to change over a long time, but for most people this never happens and these men are lying.
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- Maryam Namazie


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