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What are you all playing right now?
RE: What are you all playing right now?
I've been playing some TES4: Oblivion, with a pure spellcaster. No weapons, no armor.

Taking a break from that for now for a reroll in Fallout 4 to do some of the content I haven't done yet. The last character was on Survival difficulty which I enjoyed - except for the beginning when damn near everything can one-shot kill you, and the lack of decent fast travel options (except for BoS Vertibirds, which sucks because I really, really want to betray the BoS sooner rather than later). Not being able to save except when sleeping in a bed or on exit also kind of sucked, but I get why they did that.
RE: What are you all playing right now?
Dark Souls 1 and 2.
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RE: What are you all playing right now?
I'm trying to get back into Elite: Dangerous again.
I don't believe you. Get over it.

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