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David Tennant with an American Accent
David Tennant with an American Accent

It's from a failed pilot for some NBC show. He sounds so weird with an American Accent but I think he does it fairly well. Tongue
"The way to see by faith is to shut the eye of reason." Benjamin Franklin

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RE: David Tennant with an American Accent
I agree he sounds weird. I still hear a little accent.
RE: David Tennant with an American Accent
Won't display for me. Sucks.

But I'm guessing then.... Hugh Laurie>David Tennant.
RE: David Tennant with an American Accent
His accent didn't sound too bad to my untutored British ear. Neither did his Cockney accent in Doctor Who. In fact, for ages I didn't know he was Scottish. Most of the American commenters couldn't agree whether it was any good, so I guess it can't have been an EPIC FAIL.
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