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Converted To Atheist:
Converted To Atheist:
Here I will post The Short Version of my past being in Religion:

I was a Chore Men. I never liked Chore Mens and I still do not like Chore Mens. They are one of the Zionist religions and Abraham religions. This means that they want to take over the world. Thus, I fear Mitt Romney and Evan McMullins. Anybody supporting either or both of them is very crazy.

I was not abused as a child because it is not recognized as abuse. But I was forced to pester ... I mean, "Preach" to people along with Chore Men "parents" even when I was a child. As a teenager I did not want to partake in more silliness. I did the Sacrament Bread & Water ritual but after two years I was expected to teach Sunday School at 14. (!) Around this time I put my foot down and just stopped going. They did not kill me. They did not bruise me. But they did everything else. And just like that story arc of Rachel Drummond The school teacher was On The Run and when her abusers (sorry, not abusers) found her they confronted her and said "Don't tell anybody. They will not believe you."

Also, I developed health problems because of lack of proper optical, dental / orthodontic / oral, and other health care. with the exception of drugs of course, which is what U.S.A. doctors prefer. I also have bought adequate clothing, and many other things that I was not allowed to have. Sometimes it involved Dumster Diving, and other various abandoned items.

I have moved out on my own, to several different households with room mates, which ended up being in similar situations as my childhood.

But then I moved out on my own entirely. It has taken a very long time to build my life and I still have far to go. I am taking care of myself and I have learned to love the word "No."

Some of my accomplishments:

I have started improving my diet and my exercise about 5 years ago. If I did not change my lifestyle, I would have died. This includes drinking more water, first out of the faucet and then switching to bottled and filtered and distilled and rain water, 

Giving up pork (this is what caused me to go to Hospital.) While in common with the two Abraham Religions Jew & Islam, I still do not like them.

And then giving up meat entirely.

And then almost becoming Vegan. But I still eat Honey.

Officially resigned being Chore Men about 18 months ago after being harrassed over and over again.

I have began reversing The Ugly Scar Of Religion 8 months ago. 

I have two mid sized transportations. They are old Transportations that are considered trash in U.S.A. but in other nations it is considered treasure. I guess age of vehicle does not matter.

I own property. The Chore Mens do not know the location of this property.

I have new friends some that I consider future business partners, and also there are some other people that took me in as if I was family. I am glad to find people in common.

I apologize for making this too long.

If you want to know more information, then look at that story arc of:

The Cage
Dark Shadows character Rachel Drummond
Star Trek Episode: Is There In Truth No Beauty?
The Rookies Episode: A Farewell Tree From Marly
Gatchaman (1972 - 1974; 1977 - 1978, but mostly 1972 - 1974), and specifically The Character Joe Asakura
The Character Worf Son Of Mogh
The Character Jennifer Honey from Matilda
The character Annika Hansen (Seven) from Star Trek: Voyager
Hetty Wainthropp episodes: A High Profile, and Runaways
Inuyasha Episode: Jinenji, Kind Yet Sad (just this episode; I do not like the programme InuYasha)

Actually the main reason why I added Gatchaman and BraveStarr is because I really do not like InuYasha. And The Cage because I don't really like Star Trek. However, sometimes Star Trek calls Religioun exactly what it is: Myth (and Ignorance, Superstition, and Fear)

I should include Scooby-Doo and The Witch's Ghost just to annoy Religious People, as well as the first 2 or 3 seasons of SpongeBob SquarePants, which also annoys Religious People.

So anyways those are examples of characters that have nightmare pasts and / or programmes that annoy Religious People.

And also if you want to know the extremely long version of my bio relating to Leaving Religion, go look for it at the >snip<
RE: Converted To Atheist:
Welcome! What is a chore man?

It's a classic , take a look and smile!

RE: Converted To Atheist:
That's quite the journey you've been on.

I congratulate you on your bravery, for escaping this cult and making it on your own.

I hope you are happy, and I'm glad you have become more healthy. Fantastic Smile
Feel free to send me a private message.
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RE: Converted To Atheist:
I can understand not liking Star Trek, but inu yasha? damn, that is one of the best anime...
I hate you Tongue

You are most welcome here though, and hopefully you'll have a long enjoyable stay here Smile
Quote:To know yet to think that one does not know is best; Not to know yet to think that one knows will lead to difficulty.
- Lau Tzu

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RE: Converted To Atheist:
Is 'Chore Men' an insider's reference to Morman?

Welcome to the forums!
"There remain four irreducible objections to religious faith: that it wholly misrepresents the origins of man and the cosmos, that because of this original error it manages to combine the maximum servility with the maximum of solipsism, that it is both the result and the cause of dangerous sexual repression, and that it is ultimately grounded on wish-thinking." ~Christopher Hitchens, god is not Great

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RE: Converted To Atheist:
GET HELP.  I assume you are still quite young?  You shouldn't have to do this alone.  But congratulations on recognizing a shit life-arc when you saw one.

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