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Lets say Hillary won
Lets say Hillary won
What would the country be like? What would the Trump supporters do? We all know just the name Hillary Clinton made them lose their shit.

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RE: Lets say Hillary won
It really depends on other things. Did Democrats retake the senate and/or the house? Without those she would be as powerless as Obama was in his last few years.

The supreme court would at least have a liberal lean rather than the same split it did for Obama.

Also presumably she wouldn't have signed a load of ridiculous executive orders and would be running the country how a president is supposed to run it. I would imagine though that had the Republicans kept hold of either the house or senate, they would be running multiple investigations into emails and election fraud.
RE: Lets say Hillary won
A Hillary win would have been seen as an endorsement of the chicanery and perfidy and waste and pathological self-delusion that occurred during the campaign.

Why the fuck is winning OR losing a campaign ethically, efficiently and earnestly not even on the fucking table as a discussion item ??
 The granting of a pardon is an imputation of guilt, and the acceptance a confession of it. 

RE: Lets say Hillary won
Clinton was a status quo candidate. Assuming congress turned out the same way, we would have a new liberal justice, we'd still be in the Paris Accord, and the president's overseas trips would have been far more decorous. I think she would have held off on the Yemen raid but would have carried it out in a less reckless manner. She wouldn't be engaging in antics like Mr. Trump. But she might still have had that base in Syria attacked. She would still have a body count, just a lower one.
I'm not anti-Christian. I'm anti-stupid.
RE: Lets say Hillary won
. . . and Bernie Sanders would have been surgically reduced to a brain in a jar . . .
 The granting of a pardon is an imputation of guilt, and the acceptance a confession of it. 


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