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Nice Gesture But It Probably Won't Help
Nice Gesture But It Probably Won't Help
How many Trumptards can read above the See Spot Run level?


Quote:Iowa’s largest newspaper endorses only Democrats for Congress: ‘The stakes are too high’

I'm sure this won't matter to any of the asshole who will vote for King.

Quote:The paper then proceeds to break down every race and endorse the Democrat, saving special invective for the state’s most infamous politican, Rep. Steve King (R-IA).

“This one’s a no-brainer for any Iowan who has cringed at eight-term incumbent King’s increasing obsession with being a cultural provocateur,” the paper writes. “In his almost 16 years in Congress, King has passed exactly one bill as primary sponsor, redesignating a post office. He won’t debate his opponent and rarely holds public town halls. Instead, he spends his time meeting with fascist leaders in Europe and retweeting neo-Nazis.”

I'm sure he has plenty of fans among our resident neo-nazis.

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