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Origin of religion
RE: Origin of religion
(19th June 2017, 21:19)vorlon13 Wrote: Mormon:

digging for treasure and then being visited by Moroni, no wait a minute it was Jesus, no wait a minute it was God, no wait a minute it was Jesus AND God, no wait a minute it was a host of angels, no wait a minute it was God, Jesus and a host of angels, uh . . . , did I mention Moroni ?

I never tire of pointing out the only known version of the first visitation story 


is NOT the version belief in is required for being a Mormon!!  So, it is indeed clear, Joseph Smith himself would be excommunicated from the very church he founded for that HERESY !!!

Jesus Fucking Christ, how is fucking LDS considered by ANYONE to be a viable fucking religion ??????
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RE: Origin of religion
Because it shares that little quirk with every other viable religion.  The christers would run jesus out on a rail. They've already decided to vote against everything he supposedly stood for as a bloc, there's no reason to expect that they;d give his august self any warmer a welcome into their fold. I doubt todays muslims would give Mighty Mo the time of day, unless that time of day was to bury his ass to the neck and stone him for claiming to speak to/for allah. Not that this is all bad, ofc. Most sensible jews don;t have any time for the davidic empire that crushes all the gentiles underfoot, today, either.

In that light, not adhering to the pronouncements of a con man is almost a no-brainer. Sure, he started their little cult..but theyre saddled with it now..and there's no reason to let that asshole define them, eh? It;'s not as if gods gonna come down and smite them for not believing in every jot and tittle of Mr. Smiths fan least no more or less so than any given christer or muslim or jew reformer has to worry about the wrath of yahweh. That's the best part of this whole religion business. You can say whatever you want and The Boss never corrects you.
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