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A web.
RE: A web.
Whoever it is, I wouldn't swap places with them for anything. TSoS's posts are teeming with negativity and fear.
RE: A web.
(21st June 2017, 10:17)Mister Agenda Wrote: I believe that children are our future.
I believe you should receive a sound spanking for this. But Buffy is good.
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RE: A web.
(19th June 2017, 17:11)TheSaddestOfSouls Wrote: You can be a cock though, that's great. I'm very used to that attitude.

I bet.

[quote pid='1571412' dateline='1497997052']

I'm very logical and a rational person.

You hide it well.
"The last superstition of the human mind is the superstition that religion in itself is a good thing."  - Samuel Porter Putnam

RE: A web.
(20th June 2017, 19:01)TheSaddestOfSouls Wrote: It's very easy to see, there is bubbles in the space walks being them in water,
Let's see the photos and videos of these bubbles. I'd be curious to look.

(20th June 2017, 19:01)TheSaddestOfSouls Wrote: no stars ever either by the way.
A simple Photography 101 course will tell you why that is.
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