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Smaller trouble in little China? Naw, not really...
Smaller trouble in little China? Naw, not really...
But I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express. 

But at that same shopping center I got startled by a small 2foot gator in the retaining pond. 

I had just bought my beer walking through the parking lot to go back to my neighborhood. I hear this splash but cant quite see the water yet because of bushes. So I get to the exit where there are no bushes and look down at the water thinking it was a turtle. Next thing I know these two beady little eyes are swimming towards me. I was like, "Ok, that's not a turtle."

Funny thing in my 12 years of living here that is the first one in the wild I have seen. Made me wonder where mommy was though. The thing was cute, I couldn't tell if it saw me as a food source, or challenging it's territory, but I was thinking, "Dude seriously, I'm slightly bigger than you." I bet it was thinking, "Oh yea, you wait till I get bigger."

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