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What Binds the Nucleon of an Atom?
RE: What Binds the Nucleon of an Atom?
[Image: 4105103228_971469ae02_b.jpg]
In the 1960s, American parents began looking to mental health professionals for child-rearing advice.  Since then, an exponential per-capita increase in child mental health professionals has matched a dramatic deterioration in child mental health.  No new therapy or drug has stopped this downward trend.

John Rosemond

RE: What Binds the Nucleon of an Atom?
(28th October 2017, 19:10)vorlon13 Wrote: UWTB

Universal Will To Become?

And according to Brew this has something to do with sex?

I would ask you to explain, but I probably shouldn't. It may be one of those need to know things.
I may defend your right to free speech, but i won't help you pass out flyers.

Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.

Nietzsche isn't dead. How do I know he lives? He lives in my mind.
RE: What Binds the Nucleon of an Atom?
(28th October 2017, 18:35)Rhondazvous Wrote: I know gluons bind quarks to form protons and neutrons. But what boson binds protons and neutrons with each other?

The bosons act as carriers of the quarks don't they?

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