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State level elections in BAvaria yield ground breaking results
State level elections in BAvaria yield ground breaking results
The christian conservatives (CSU) lost their absolute majority, which they had since 1945, and dropped from 47% to 37%
Social democrats  (SPD )dropped from 20% to 10% and are an endangered species now. WWF is up to the task.
Right wing populists AfD (and boy are they right and popu Naughty   in a state that already is very onservative) get 10% from the get go. Yet this is still a lot less than the 17% nation wide.

Aaaaaaaaaaand the big winner is *drumroll*: The green party. It went from 9% to 18%, making it the second in line behind the CSU.

Bavaria election results 2018
Cetero censeo religionem delendam esse

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