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Funny sports announcer line I just heard.
Funny sports announcer line I just heard.
Was cooking so not really paying attention to college football pre game analysis. But just over heard an announcer, and have to assume he was talking about a wide receiver in college football's talent, he said, "He's going to catch a touchdown pass with his tongue."

I was like "Damn, that is fucking talent."
RE: Funny sports announcer line I just heard.
Joe, a regular at a local bar, noticed a new guy sitting at the end of the bar. Nothing special to look at, but he was there for only ten minutes before a woman came up to him and almost dragged him out of the bar. Joe came back two nights later and saw the same thing happen to the new guy. And every night thereafter, in fact. After a dozen times seeing this he broke down asked the bartender if he knew how the guy got so lucky with women.

"No clue, he just sits there at the end of the bar and licks his eyebrows."
RE: Funny sports announcer line I just heard.
"The batsman is Holding the bowler's Willey".

"For those of you watching in black and white, the brown is next to the blue".
RE: Funny sports announcer line I just heard.
'The lads are clearly eager to get to the pitch, take the bat in hand and give those balls a good walloping.' - Michael Atherton

'A man is accepted into a church for what he believes.  He is turned out for what he knows.' - Mark Twain
RE: Funny sports announcer line I just heard.
A baseball announcer was talking about a couple in the stands that have been kissing after each pitch. The other announcer says "He kisses her on the strikes and she kisses him on the balls".

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