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Where sports/politics and religion meet.
Where sports/politics and religion meet.
Is it possible to be a black republican? Yep. Ok, so former Oakland Raider Burgess Owens was on Flops and Freaks this weekend peddling his book, "Why I Stand" , but Colin Kaepernick has no rights just because he supports the right to protest? 

So I was flipping through the channels, stumbled across this guy, and holy shit, it was so full of vile slurs and stereotypes about liberals and atheists. Burgess didn't like me pointing out MLK supporter A Phillip Randolph, a black atheist who was a big organizer for MLK. 

I'll be honest, I do get sick of that crap and let him have it. I didn't even care about getting blocked, which I knew he would. This is the type of theist, regardless of skin color, who'd block you even if you object with Mr Rogers language. 

There is no way any sane person today that could claim that MLK would support today's republican party. MLK if alive today would side with Colin, and me, not Burgess Owens.

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