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Allah is ENERGY
Allah is ENERGY
What is Allah?

Allah is the "Light/Energy". (Quran 24:35)

Chapter 112: Law of Conservation of Energy
  1. Say: He, "Energy", is One (1).
  2. "Energy", the Absolute (1 & 0).
  3. "Energy" did not reproduce (cannot be destroyed), and "Energy" was not born (cannot be created).
  4. And none (0) is like "Energy" (1).

(the syahadat or main conditions to be a muslim)

[Image: 29792474_2079080998975147_59094777185965...e=5D1CC428]

[Image: 27971835_2058343794382201_51305329054914...e=5CE4E779]

Allah is the LordLaw of the Universe. (Quran 1:2)

That is Allah [what is Allah? Allah is] your LordLaw. There is no LordLaw but Him [What is the LordLaw? It is] the Creator of everything [LordLaw of Nature]. So serve Him [Natural Order]. He is responsible for everything [of its Cause & Effect]. (Quran 6:102)

That is Allah [what is Allah? Allah is] your LordLaw [What is the LordLaw? It is] the Creator of everything [LordLaw of Nature]. There is no LordLaw but Him — so how can you be so deluded? (Quran 40:62)

When he came to the Fire he was called: "O Moses. I (FIRE) am your Lord!" (20:13)

Like the fire of Moses which he saw as what he needed. It was Allah but he did not perceive it. 

[Image: 50632863_2275028659380379_96494411763941...e=5D1385E4]

Moses said ‘[Allah is] LordLaw of the East and West and everything between them. If you would only use your reason!’ (Quran 26:28)


What is man? 

Man from magnetic particles (atoms). (Quran 96:2)

[Image: 34318282_2109835465899700_77109645054668...e=5CD47E9C]

[Man from] Light upon light. (Quran 24:35)

[Image: 31290652_2091350211081559_17222764495041...e=5D1A5B6C]

[Image: 31955964_2096438007239446_52455478790654...e=5CE8FE58]


[Image: 29497004_2074729772743603_93623151327464...e=5C92EB5C]

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RE: Allah is ENERGY
Blah, blah, blah pork!
RE: Allah is ENERGY
That's a lot of spam for "fictional".

Dying to live, living to die.
RE: Allah is ENERGY
So this guy is making the rounds again?
Guess he never got the hint the last 10000000 times he tried to post this stuff.
RE: Allah is ENERGY
If you love spam OP move to Hawaii.
RE: Allah is ENERGY
I guess reporting this nut job would be a wasted effort?

"The true believer of any kind is naive at best, dangerous at worst" Tarquin S Shagnasty (it's pronounced 'Shawnessy')
RE: Allah is ENERGY
"Allah is non-matter."

Allah don't matter. So close enough, i guess?
"If we go down, we go down together!"
- Your mum, last night, suggesting 69.
[Image: 41bebac06973488da2b0740b6ac37538.jpg]-
RE: Allah is ENERGY
There is no counterargument.  Popcorn
RE: Allah is ENERGY
(March 1, 2019 at 6:38 pm)Mahdi Ibrahim Wrote:
There is no counterargument.  Popcorn

Counter argument:

Quote:Man from magnetic particles (atoms).

Atoms are not magnetic particles.  *BOOM* goes the dynamite.

‘Let me never fall into the vulgar mistake of dreaming that I am persecuted whenever I am contradicted.’ Ralph Waldo Emerson
RE: Allah is ENERGY
Don't feed the troll

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