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Captain Marvel movie w/ spoilers
Captain Marvel movie w/ spoilers
I may not include spoilers but the warning is there just in case.

I enjoyed many aspects of this movie, but found the writing and story telling to be utter piles of shit.

Imagine taking the movie Rocky and turning him into a 75 yr old woman who owns a bakery.

That's what they did to Mar-Vel.
They took everything that was interesting about the female Captain Marvel and threw it away. The character they ended up with isn't bad, but it's just not Captain Marvel.

The story was second rate and after it was over I looked up the writers. Six women and one man (kind of), only one of which seemed to have any kind of background in comics. The others barely had any background in writing period.

Let's talk about the Skrulls.

They are at war with the Kree. They can literally take the genetic form of any species. They are in no danger of being wiped out. They can infiltrate every level of Kree government and shut down the war. They can literally take over any planet they want to live on. They can live anywhere. These are not helpless, homeless refugees. Give me a fucking break.

I'll leave it there for now. Too tired to type more.
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