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sectarianism in atheism
RE: sectarianism in atheism
No. It’s a matter of definition, mostly. Some people use it to mean lacking belief (not being convinced yet) that gods exists; some people prefer belief in the non-existence of gods. The second is a subgroup of the first, so it splits atheists up in that regard as to how strong their position is, but I’d hardly call those sects.

Of course atheists will have their own further beliefs about everything, which will subdivide them into whatever groups you want to talk about, but those are nothing to do with atheism itself.
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RE: sectarianism in atheism
(April 5, 2019 at 3:18 pm)fademm Wrote: Is atheism just as sectarian as some religions? There seems to be a few different camps out there from people who believe a more "pure" atheism, who do not believe in any "spirituality" to others who are "spiritual but not religious". 

Are there different sects within atheism and do some people believe their version of atheism to be "true" while another version of atheism is "false"? Is there an attitude or principle that would help avoid the formation of sectarianism?

People don't believe in gods for many different reasons, all of them valid. I would not call the differences sects. 

The people wanting to lump us into groups are mainly theists.

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RE: sectarianism in atheism
I am an atheist because I don't believe in gods. I am an agnostic because I can not prove gods don't exist. I am an antitheist when theists get too pushy. I am sn apatheist when I am not thinking about this bullshit.

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RE: sectarianism in atheism
When one group of atheists starts bombing another group of atheists for heresy, I'll start worrying about sectarianism in atheism.


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