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As yet unexploited possibilities in movie franchises.
As yet unexploited possibilities in movie franchises.
Los Cincos Muertes, aka "The Five Deaths". We've been to Isla Sorna and Isla Nublar. The other three are still unknown in the Jurassic Park Cinematic Universe.(JPCU)

The Terminator Universe (TU). The timeline is already loosey-goosey, why not have Terminators (both "tame" and Skynets' boys) are sent back to alter or unalter time lines. They would replace important historical figures, and/or behind-the-throne operators.

There should be others, such as Westworld, GoT, etc.

[JPCU] Ben Lockwood went on to create some interesting critters after splitting with John Hammond. He lost track of some of them (through accident or deliberate misinformation) in the years before "Lost Kingdom". Now the same shadowy organization that sent Hoskins to the Jurassic World park have other strings in their bow.
RE: As yet unexploited possibilities in movie franchises.
I thought of The Terminator universe immediately when I read the title.

From a standpoint of realism (SPOILERS AHEAD!), i really liked the way The Sarah Connor Chronicles left off with the implication that Skynet was not the only artificial intelligence out there and indeed if that was the case, John Connor and the Resistance wouldn't have had a prayer. The John Henry AI allied with John Connor against Skynet. It would have been a real challenge for John to get most of the foot soldiers to understand that not all "metal" were the enemy.
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RE: As yet unexploited possibilities in movie franchises.
At work.

Genre wise we've only seen tiny excursions into cyber and steam punk. A follow on would be 'Bio-punk' of which I do remember reading a couple of books about society using gene-engineered things back in the 80's/90's.

Mark Miller's Traveller is a setting only a couple of years younger than Star Wars and has already (Allegedly) inspired Josh Wheadon's 'Fire Fly'. So something a bit more direct would be nice.

Fantasy wise there's David Eddings work. His 'Belgariad' was a good read.
RE: As yet unexploited possibilities in movie franchises.
And steampunk!

[Image: mQyHKIg.jpg?1]
RE: As yet unexploited possibilities in movie franchises.
I'd like to see 'The Compleat Enchanter' series done as a film franchise.  There are - literally - inexhaustible possibilities.

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RE: As yet unexploited possibilities in movie franchises.
A live-action "Fullmetal Alchemist" ( 鋼の錬金術師) might have possibilities.
RE: As yet unexploited possibilities in movie franchises.
At work.

I thought there had been a live action FMA?

I've only seen one movie involving FMA. The world building was pretty good.
RE: As yet unexploited possibilities in movie franchises.
Jack Vance's Planet of Adventure would make for a great series.
You could do 4 seasons of 6 or maybe 8 episodes, one for each book.

Jack Vance, for those who don't know him, writes mostly fantasy and science fiction, I think.
And he doesn't try to untangle the two themes.

The most fun thing about this work, apart from a dry set of humor and the cool world-building and variety of sidecharacters, is the main character.
Adam Reith is kind of overpowered, not just because he can do about anything necessary to survive, but because he thinks differently from everyone else on the planet. Exactly because he's not from there. This makes it rather funny in how he interacts with people, thinking of things that are dogmatically unchangeable to them, as only a slight nuisance and peculiarity to him.

Also would love to see an adaptation of Wasp, the science fiction novel by Eric Frank Russell.
If it needs any endorsement: Terry Pratchett called it the world's funniest terrorist handbook.
It's a rush to read and flows really well. Again blending action and comedy masterfully, much like the above mentioned Planet Adventure. And more than the above, it's realistic in it's representation of fascist dictatorships, but not without a good dose of humor.
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RE: As yet unexploited possibilities in movie franchises.
And the freakin' Well of Souls. Endless adventures to be had there.
RE: As yet unexploited possibilities in movie franchises.
Here's one possibility:

$100m 'unreleasable' movie fuckup

Quote:Adapted from A Monster Calls writer Patrick Ness’s trilogy of books, it centres on a world on the brink of destruction where there are no women, and people can communicate with living things telepathically. It was originally slated for release in March 2019, but that date came and went without an update.

It’s said that an early cut of the film – filmed in 2017 – which also features Star Wars stars Daisy Ridley and Mads Mikkelsen, alongside David Oyelowo, ‘turned out so poorly it was deemed unreleasable by executives who watched initial cuts last year, according to current and former employees’.


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