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Quranic Park
Quranic Park
Muslims made in Dubai the Quranic Park but it seems it's just bunch of fountains and empty hallways - in other words very boring.

No wonder since they are forbidden to show anything from Quran. Because if they were allowed then one part would visualize verses on killing infidels and 70 nude virgins awaiting those that kill infidels; verses on killing apostates; verses how to beat women; how Earth is flat; jinns transforming into scorpions; how Jesus escaped the crucifixion and lived as a Buddhist monk; how the Koran mistakenly identifies Haman, who in reality was the minister of the Persian King Ahasuerus as the minister of the Pharoah at the time of Moses; how Mary, the mother of Jesus in Bible, was the sister of Moses and Aaron...

So avoiding to show all this the Quranic Park definitely seems more civilized than brainwashing Ken Ham's parks as well as Hobby Lobby's Museum of the Bible.
RE: Quranic Park
Ewww...Dubai. I imagine it was built by slaves (of course they don't call them that), like just about everything else in Dubai. Such a disgusting country.


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