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When American Nintendo Fans hate Sonic
When American Nintendo Fans hate Sonic
I just play this.

You may prefer Kirby style easy boring gameplay like the way Mario went after Galaxy on wii series, when it became just walk to the goal to win. But i prefer difficulty in my games.
You may hate Sonic, but Sonic loves you!

I am btw not huge fan of Mania. I thought it was a downgrade to when Sonic was limited.

If anything Sonic Heroes is perfect example of what a Sonic game should be like. You have core Sonic elements like Knuckles soars, (climbs), Tails flies and Sonic runs and jumps. But with those core elements they still try new ideas. I have never been huge fan of "boost to win mechanic after Sonic 2006 game (Which i didnt think was that bad) but more or less huge fan of the series.

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