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My son wants the impossible to get Nintendo Classic
My son wants the impossible to get Nintendo Classic
I'm not spending $200-$300 on eBay to get this thing.  Hell, I had already decided I wasn't spending $60 on it.  Way too much for 30 old games and zero possibility of future upgrades or new features/games.

What I got him instead was a Retropie setup.  Yeah, it's $30 more, but instead of 30 games it's more like 3,000,000 (probably millions more, don't feel like looking it up and mathing) games you can put on it.  Instead of NES it's ANY old system it can emulate.  A $10 controller and a few ROM downloads and he can have a whole new(ish) emulated system.

I did some checking and this was actually a pretty good deal.  Raspberry Pi 3b was about $35, the case about $7, the power supply about $10, the controllers about $7 each, the SD card about $17 (for a card twice this size, but not sure if it was 100% compatible as that seems to be touchy).  That's already $83 and this also comes with the HDMI cable and qualified for free shipping, individual parts might not.  It also comes with Retropie already installed on the card, saving me 10 minutes plus whatever time it would have taken me to research and download it and the software I needed to put it on the card.

It's coming in Thursday.  I'll put it together if necessary, do any setup, copy over any ROMs, test it, put it back in the box and wrap it.  I expect to spend 30 minutes or less on the project since the legwork is already done, though if it has an outdated version of Retropie I might redo it with the latest version.

It was the "one thing" he wanted for Christmas and he doesn't think he's getting it because it's just not realistically available.  I think he'll be happy with what he gets instead.
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RE: My son wants the impossible to get Nintendo Classic
I have two original NES systems. Got them near for free (one was free the other was near it) at the local game shops that buy and sell used systems and games. Do y'all not have those kinds of shops?
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RE: My son wants the impossible to get Nintendo Classic
If he's not happy at the start, he will be after a couple of minutes. That sounds cool as shit!

Maybe leave it disassembled? For me, that would have made it a much cooler present. I love that part, putting it together. YMMV, obviously, but if your kid is savvy, I'd bet that would make it cooler.
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RE: My son wants the impossible to get Nintendo Classic
That's weird. My son was showing me something that he built that sounds very similar. I'll have to show him this thread.

When my son was younger and pestering me for the next new system, being a divorced father, I usually caved and bought it. But first came the bullshit toy to unwrap. Frisbee, hula-hop, cup and ball....... This only worked for a couple of times before I got the "yeah, yeah, where is the real present!".
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RE: My son wants the impossible to get Nintendo Classic
Don't you guys have a normal compooter?

They got "Amiga", "Atari 2600", "Atari Jaguar", "Neo Geo", "Nintendo 64", "NES", "SNES", "Game Boy/Advance/color", "Nintendo Gamecube", "PSP", "Sega Dreamcast", "Sega Genesis", "Sony Playstation" And the "ZX Spectrum", just to name a few...

Why waste money on the pi?
RE: My son wants the impossible to get Nintendo Classic
That's weird. I grew up with an NES, and even I wouldn't want another one. Still, if you find one, I recommend Legend of Zelda, Super Mario Bros 3, and Blaster Master. Those were some of my favorites.
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RE: My son wants the impossible to get Nintendo Classic
(December 12, 2016 at 7:17 pm)pocaracas Wrote: Why waste money on the pi?

It's not a waste of money though...
RE: My son wants the impossible to get Nintendo Classic

get the kid one of these:

[Image: tr.png]
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RE: My son wants the impossible to get Nintendo Classic
The new Raspberry Pi looks like a lot of fun. ponder... ponder... ponder....
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RE: My son wants the impossible to get Nintendo Classic
Thing is you can play any NES game online.
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