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Poll: Is the Nintendo 3DS XL worth buying?
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Should I buy a nintendo 3DS XL?
Should I buy a nintendo 3DS XL?
What do you think?  I realize that opinions on games are subjective, but I do like the look of the selection of RPGs there are and the fact it's handheld.

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RE: Should I buy a nintendo 3DS XL?
I got a 2DS, which can play all the same games as the 3DS. I didn't want the 3D effect because of wide reports of it causing all sorts of side effects. So unless the 3D graphics are really important to you, I'd get a 2DS instead.

There are quite a lot of good games to be had, including tons of zelda games and the recent link between worlds which is too awesome.
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RE: Should I buy a nintendo 3DS XL?
I got a 3DS when they first came out, and I haven't really played it in a while. It's a decent system, though, and I believe you are correct to say there are supposed to be some good RPG's for it.

I think as far as mobile gaming goes, it's as good as it gets right now.
RE: Should I buy a nintendo 3DS XL?
But what of the PS Vita?

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RE: Should I buy a nintendo 3DS XL?
I'm biased. I would never buy any console, since it limits you to playing vanilla games without any mods.
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RE: Should I buy a nintendo 3DS XL?
My iPad plays XCOM - the extent of my mobile gaming experience.  Undecided
RE: Should I buy a nintendo 3DS XL?
"Should I buy gaming device X?"

Yes. If you think you will play it, buy it, because a game system gives so much better per-dollar value than movies, restaurants, etc. Spend a few hundred bucks, and play on it for a couple hours a day for a month, and you are already starting to get a pretty decent entertainment value for your money. Play it an hour a day for a year, and you're practically MAKING money. Big Grin

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