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The evolution of logic
The evolution of logic
Guys, been reading the UFO thread and other religious threads and the wife today said something which ties in with all this.
(back story: I bought a aircon relief vent the other day, I took the 6 baffle things out to mount the frame in the ceiling. This took a few days as I was doing paint touchups as well. Anyway, the job's done and it's time now to pop in the 6 baffles.

Can't find them anywhere! We both looked everywhere many times.
She even made me go look thoroughly in the roof cavity!
So they're not anywhere, so her logical conclusion was that I accidentally threw them away when I put the bins out the other day.)
I certainly couldn't explain it, but I also wasn't convinced that I threw them out. In my mind this was a very unlikely scenario.
But what choice did she have? Could she just have left it at: oh well, they're gone, it's a mystery, let's just leave it at that.
Would you guys accept an answer like that?

Anyway, I checked our security cameras that night and as it turns out, she drove out to post a letter, not realising they were on her trunk (boot).
They fell off as she left the driveway, then not long after some bloke walks to see what they are and picks them up and pisses off with them!

So I guess I'm asking whether "it could also be something we haven't thought of yet" should always be an option when looking at reality and trying to determine results using an event using logic. Apparently for the Mrs, this option was not an option. I can tell you guys that she's not a critical thinker.

So, as far as evolution goes, I s'pose there were less options for explanations the further back we go? eg: caveman, if I dance it rains, I better stop dancing? Sounds logical, right? What about the middle ages? Same deal but let's throw gods and demons in the mix.

Now I read the UFO thread and I'm hearing lots of different logic for why things happen? Can more than one logic processes be as valid as each other?
I think so, as long as the mind is unbiased. I think how our logic differs may just be a philosophical position in the end?
No God, No fear.
Know God, Know fear.
RE: The evolution of logic
Yes there were a million and one possibilities to what happened to your baffles. Have you considered that the kind gentleman who picked them up, may have handed them in at the local police station? Logic tells us that he's nicked them, but there is always an alternative way of looking at things.
I just think that we try to look at things logically and come to reasonable conclusion based on evidence and past experience.

It's interesting but not at all surprising that your good lady came to the conclusion that it was your fault Smile I hope you've shown her the cctv footage.
RE: The evolution of logic
I dunno Iggy. Kind of sounds like a massive rationalization for "I'm getting old and can't remember shit".  Hilarious

Maybe your story helps solidify why so many many people are not comfortable with "we don't know yet" and make up answers so that they can feel comfortable.

RE: The evolution of logic
The term UFO does of course imply that any and all options are possible. They are Unidentified Flying Objects.

The illogic is that.many people equate that accronym with extraterresrial space ships. 

That's only one option.

It's just like the digital idiots - those people that think politics breaks down into two camps - "us" and "them". The truth is people are not that simple.

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