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War According To The Qur'an
War According To The Qur'an
many in the Quran there are verses about war. atheists, contacts etc Islam by showing the Koran the verses related to war they're trying to make a religion of war. by breaking off from the context of the verses the Prophet Mohammed Islam spread by the sword is said to be.

most atheists much use at the beginning of the turn time.

time to repent 29.verse: to whom among those who were given the book, God and the last day disapproving Allah and his messenger prohibited do not prohibit, and True Religion his hands do not meet with those that bow their necks and corresponds with fight until.

time to repent 123.verse: O approvers the truth, you siege attacking the infidels fight. in you hardness let's find out. verily Allah is with the righteous.

time to repent 111.verse: the lives of confirming the truth of Allah in exchange for their goods and garden has bought. they will fight in the way of Allah so they kill and are killed. this his Torah, the Bible and in the Qur'an that has given is a promise. his word, instead of who is better than Allah can you bring? then this for your purchase rejoice. the biggest success.

time to repent 41.verse: light and heavy war last exit to and in Allah's way with your wealth and your lives strive. if you know more on this for you is the best.

and many more Surat al-Tawba is talking about war. Surat al-Tawba last all of the verses about the war is a war of Defense.

time to repent 1.verse: this is what Allah and his messenger, with whom deal done Current is a declaration to the pagans.

time to repent 12.verse: after making the deal, impairs their ant and if they attack your religion, that's denial with their leaders because of the war Andi are now invalid. maybe they'll give up.

time to repent 13.verse: the messenger out of his dorm and broke their oaths he won't fight against a people who strive could you? nevertheless, you attack at first they launched. do you fear them? if if you are a believer in him, fear him most worthy that is, it is God.

above as seen in the verses pagans they had broken Covenant and the Muslims self a war fought to defend.

Surat al-Anfal 60.verse: you can do for them and mounted the force troops (tools of war) prepare mobilize. thus, the enemies of Allah with them, your enemies and other from them you don't know, but God knows that anyone caydirirs you. whatever you spend in the way of Allah are fully paid and you no injustice you shall not be.

Surat al-Anfal 12.verse: your Lord to the Angels "I am with you, the truth approvers support. into the hearts of the unbelievers I will cast terror. their necks and smite of them every single shoot with her finger," he offers.

Surat al-Anfal 56.verse: those whom you make an agreement with people are. but every time their treaty they break. they're never shy.

Surat al-Anfal 61.verse: if you show a tendency to peace, if you also incline to it and trust in Allah. because he is the best listener, the best all-knowing.

According to the above verse, pagans deal they've scrambled. trend pagans in peace if the Muslims show a tendency to the peace in and they show it.

pilgrimage 39.verse: fight them in the open war with them permission was granted. persecution because they are they were defeated. of course Allah help them has the power.

pilgrimage 60.verse: this is the case. who applied to injustice responds in the same way against God, if it were also attacked will help him. of course, Affe is God, he is forgiving.

the duration of ahzab 25.verse: with the fury of the unbelievers Allah empty-handed as turned down. so allah the truth is that the approvers in the Winter War. allah strong, is superior.

the duration of ahzab 26.verse:the people of the book and the ones that support them from the castle was brought down and cast terror into their hearts. kills a portion, a portion of prisoners also were taking.

the duration of ahzab 27.verse: their land, their homes, their money and yet even with your foot pressed you are the heir to the lands that made. allah has power over all things.

ahzab in Surat al-verses war is a war of Defence.

9 ahzab.verse: O all in favor of the truth, your armies attacked time, the wind, and you did see God made you who sent armies to remember the good. God you do seeing everything he is.

Qur'an 191.verse: where you have captured them kill them; they drove them out remove them from the ground. corruption / print corruption, murder is worse. Al-Masjid Al-Haram, they impact you do not engage with you until you have entered them. if you go to engage with you if , kill them. it is provided that the punishment of unbelievers!

above verse is a war of Defence.

Qur'an 190.verse: Allah is with those who engage with you the way you engage in. but unjustly attack / not to combat oppression. God knows no boundaries Cougars he doesn't like.

the Koran War all related verses is a war of Defense. the Qur'an, friendship with people who fight for religion is done.

to mumteh 60.verse: God, you who fight in the cause of religion and people who do a favor to your land off you to be fair to them does not prohibit you. God is fair loves the doers.

other in the Quran even if you held a grudge community, you should be fair.

Quran 8.verse: the truth approvers! justice for God witness into consideration. having a community don't let your anger drive you from acting with Justice. just treat; that is closer to righteousness. Allah listen. and Allah of what you do take notice.

agreement do not fight with people.

Nisa 90.verse: but among you there is a treaty, and a society which with its sheltered, with you or with their community their hearts fail, and about fighting you do not touch arrivals. if Allah had willed them, of course you he would have on your face, they also necessarily you he would fight it. in that case, away from you, with you he will not fight, and offer you peace, no longer God has a way to go on not.

the Koran War is a war of Defense. deal-breaker with the contacts the war is done. the persecuted the time war is done. attack the Quran there is no war.

the time of Muhammad 4.verse: those who disbelieve in battle when you are faced with hit the control centers. when you get superior at the end take them captive, them or unrequited in exchange for the release or ransom. war follow it up until the situation. had Allah willed it would have saved you the trouble of war; but that is so you each other to test. in the path of Allah and slay when it comes to their actions vain he won't be.
RE: War According To The Qur'an

Truly in a position to say "Don't care."

If you don't want to discuss your diety, fine.

Have fun posting with yourself.

Pretty sure the mods will take a dim view and save themselves some bandwidth.

All the best and cheers to you and yours.

Not at work.
RE: War According To The Qur'an
Go back to herding pigs.
RE: War According To The Qur'an

I really, sincerely, strongly suggest that you not do this again.

‘Let me never fall into the vulgar mistake of dreaming that I am persecuted whenever I am contradicted.’ Ralph Waldo Emerson
RE: War According To The Qur'an
Didn't Mo make his name violently robbing caravans of innocent tradespeople? Ah, the religion of piss and verchew, wallow in it's warm mastication. 

Popcorn Bow Down
RE: War According To The Qur'an
Is it just me or do the godders share one brain that becomes more and more dilapidated with each use?
RE: War According To The Qur'an
There's a brain involved?   Read
RE: War According To The Qur'an
(April 9, 2020 at 3:08 pm)Editz Wrote: There's a brain involved?   Read

Well...more like two neurons who’ve had a bit too much to drink.

‘Let me never fall into the vulgar mistake of dreaming that I am persecuted whenever I am contradicted.’ Ralph Waldo Emerson
RE: War According To The Qur'an
Yeah, think I'll stick with Sun Tzu and Musashi, cheers.
Quote:I don't understand why you'd come to a discussion forum, and then proceed to reap from visibility any voice that disagrees with you. If you're going to do that, why not just sit in front of a mirror and pat yourself on the back continuously?

Evolution - Adapt or be eaten.
RE: War According To The Qur'an
(April 9, 2020 at 3:09 pm)BrianSoddingBoru4 Wrote:
(April 9, 2020 at 3:08 pm)Editz Wrote: There's a brain involved?   Read

Well...more like two neurons who’ve had a bit too much to drink.


You couldn't be more wrong Boru - it's us atheists who are neurologically defective! Just look at how the guest on this show looses his cool and goes off on a pseudo psychotic rage rant, while the calm, reasonable host attempts to maintain civility.

Egypt is the BEST

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