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JoJo 2020
JoJo 2020
Jo Jorgensen is now the ( L ) Candidate.

She is more sensible and IMO the best choice available.

Tell me why she isn't better that Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Dumber...
RE: JoJo 2020
No, not the Hitler Jungden?
RE: JoJo 2020
Oh, yeah, the one who thinks trump’s Clovis-19 response was too much.

And libertarian.   Doesn’t that mean she has toxic, fanatic idiocy inducing, mold the shape of Rand Paul’s hair growing somewhere on her person?

And how disingenuous of of the OP, who tries to defend trump subtlety or grossly at every turn, stand this moron, who is only better than trump because it is simply impossible to be worse, up as an alternative because she would some votes away from trump’s opponents?
RE: JoJo 2020
In what way is she supposed to be a different candidate. I don't see anything that either of the other two aren't promising. I'm a big fan of third party votes as a meaningless voter.
For what it's worth, it seems like I'm too late to bring up this point about his OP: Whether or not it's possible if something can come from nothing, it's clear that God, if he exists, definitely violates that principle: After all, what is the creation of the world but his creating something out of nothing?

-Rev Rye.


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