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Campaign Conundrum
Campaign Conundrum
If you think the following fanciful - you don't understand what miserable fucks that some people are capable of being. You just haven't been paying attention.

If any campaign rallies are held - what's to stop some "true believer" from attending his opposing candidate's rally KNOWINGLY INFECTED with C19 - as an act of "passive biological warfare"?

They even get to go home and watch the news and see if they caused a spike in deaths....They don't have to die when the airplane hits the towers.

You think politicians will refrain from "pressing the flesh" and kissing babies? Think some "true believer" who is infected might shake the hand of the enemy?

I don't think either is a possibility.

I think if they hold live rallies it's a certainty.
RE: Campaign Conundrum
Biological domestic terrorism of any kind is a giant issue for the US, which we're not funding. We did just hand the entire world a playbook for a successful attack, though, so we have that going for us.
For what it's worth, it seems like I'm too late to bring up this point about his OP: Whether or not it's possible if something can come from nothing, it's clear that God, if he exists, definitely violates that principle: After all, what is the creation of the world but his creating something out of nothing?

-Rev Rye.


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