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What Hobbies Did You Have As A Kid?
What Hobbies Did You Have As A Kid?
(Inspired by awty)

Apart from throwing rocks at Protestants, which I regarded as more of a social justice thing  than a hobby, I collected old Empire coins in a rather desultory way and made penny whistles.

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RE: What Hobbies Did You Have As A Kid?
I really didn't have any hobbies before my early teens; after that it was sewing. I received an embroidery kit and started there. Then I finished my sister's because she wasn't interested. From there I moved on to embroidering on my clothes by machine and by hand and then learned how to sew clothing. It as the only way I was going to get new clothes that I liked. I even sewed my dress for high school graduation.

Over the years I did a lot of different types of sewing until I just sort of quit about 10 years ago...since last April I have been making up for lost time.
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RE: What Hobbies Did You Have As A Kid?
Keeping library books past their due date. Coffee
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RE: What Hobbies Did You Have As A Kid?
Drawing, reading, writing.
RE: What Hobbies Did You Have As A Kid?
Etymology, astronomy, stamp collecting, golf, fishing, drawing, collecting board games.
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RE: What Hobbies Did You Have As A Kid?
I did a lot of Carving, Wood, Stones, Elkhorns.
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RE: What Hobbies Did You Have As A Kid?
Unsuccessfully chasing girls.
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RE: What Hobbies Did You Have As A Kid?
The #1 hobby of boys everywhere - beating the bishop...
RE: What Hobbies Did You Have As A Kid?
The first few hobbies were forced on me.  Piano lessons at 6, my sisters had the same teacher, so I'd heard those songs over and over.  After a couple years, they realized I couldn't really read music.  The new teacher made me sight read more but also exercised playing by ear and introduced me to guitar.  I took up trumpet at 10 in exchange for ending the piano lessons.  All three became habits I can't kick.

Hunting with dad became backpacking the hills, once I was on my own.  Fishing Louisiana backwaters with grandparents became canoeing rivers and sometimes fishing.  I need it to relax and recharge.

The hobby I found and chose was reading.  Newspapers, magazines, library books, encyclopedias, whatever was handy.
RE: What Hobbies Did You Have As A Kid?
Listening to music. Never really had many hobbies as a kid. Went to a lot of parties when I got a little older. When we moved to America, music was about the only thing I was interested in. Then it became boys. But that was a few years later.
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