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In or out of the moment?
In or out of the moment?
Are you the type of person, when engaged in an activity, must be fully focused on what you are doing or can you allow your thoughts to wander while performing?

Just wondering.
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RE: In or out of the moment?
Depends on the activity.

If I am working I'm pretty focused.
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RE: In or out of the moment?
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RE: In or out of the moment?
It depends if I' m mowing the lawn or trying to perform an emergency tracheotomy.......

And no - I have not tried the latter.

But if I do - on you - wouldn' t you prefer I pay close attention?
RE: In or out of the moment?
Depends on what I'm doing. Mindless tasks don't take a mind.
I don't have an anger problem, I have an idiot problem

RE: In or out of the moment?
I must be distracted. I hate doing the dishes but it becomes tolerable if I listen to a video on youtube. When doing artwork, it's the same. If I get too focused on the here and now, I stumble and create shit. There's a part of me that is deeper that does the art. It comes out and takes over when I am relaxed, my mind occupied, and my body on autopilot. I'll listen to either music or youtube videos while painting or drawing. When I went to school and when I worked at a survey call center, I would always have a notebook open on my desk and doodle. Mostly character art and expressive cartoons.

I need absolute silence when I write. Every little sound sometimes can feel like needles poking into my skin.

RE: In or out of the moment?
(September 19, 2021 at 10:33 pm)brewer Wrote: Depends on what I'm doing. Mindless tasks don't take a mind.

Just this. Housework and cooking have become drone tasks. When I’m at the forge, I’m a little more focused.

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