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Cash on hand?
RE: Cash on hand?
I think I have about $14.00 cash in my wallet that's been there for months. I don't go anywhere to spend any. I have a debit card that gives me money back after a certain amount spent. I just pay down the card when I get paid so I have never paid any fees on it and I get a few bucks a month deposited in my savings account. I used to use cash to attend the grandkids' games but they aren't even taking cash at the gates any more.

There are a couple fast food places that I don't frequent very often but I have their apps on my phone and I can add funds so no cash required.

I used to keep cash here at home (a few hundred dollars) because I would pay the groomer and have cash for birthdays for the granddaughters that are here in town. Now I'm the groomer so there's only about a hundred in my stash box.
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RE: Cash on hand?
My carrying cash is probably a hold over from the 70's. I had a lot of transactions where only cash was accepted.
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RE: Cash on hand?
Usually a couple hundred dollars. Only for clandestine purchases, but not like ignoramus. More like the occasional bottle of bourbon or lotto tix. I just bought a computer today, as this laptop has failing keys. Some take multiple strikes to get a letter out. Bought an "All-In-One", but used my CostCo VISA because I get reward checks. We usually get back $600-$800 each year.
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RE: Cash on hand?
I generally keep $2 on me for bus fare if my card doesn't work. I don't use cash because of my fingers. Handling coins is a pita for me.

I have started taking out cash from my plasma donations once a week and sticking it in a drawer. That way I can't spend it just by clicking the mouse.
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RE: Cash on hand?
(September 28, 2021 at 3:53 pm)onlinebiker Wrote: How much cash do you keep on hand?

I saw a guy at the store - I shit you not - attempting to buy breath mints with a goddamned credit card.

No cash on him. And he gets pissy because the store owner refuses to do it. (The owner would lose money).

Personally I almost always have over $100 in my wallet. $4-500 isn' t unusual....I NEVER venture out without some.

Must have been a mom and pop shop. Lots of small stores set a credit and even debit max to buy, because they can't cover the cost of processing such small amounts. I do get that. But if this was happening at say Walmart, that would be nuts. I have shopped at Food Lion and put a soda on plastic before. 

And I wouldn't go around announcing you have any amount of money in your wallet in any case. If there is anything about high end sports cars people have, outside the narcissism and vanity, that they should be careful of, is that they are literally driving around in a bullseye. 

I could give a shit less if someone pays for a stick of gum with 100 dollar bill, if the till can handle the change. I could also give a shit less if that same person put the same stick of gum on their American Express. I'd only agree that store policy overrides the customer in either case.
RE: Cash on hand?
Exactly zero.
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RE: Cash on hand?
none. I can't see well enough to drive anyway. uber uses a card. 99% of the time I order online. groceries, too. I can't do that with cash. if I need cash, I can get it. there was this Mexican food truck that only took cash so I walked over to the ATM and took out enough for their beef tongue burrito./ (best burrito I ever had btw)
RE: Cash on hand?
Usually $100 to $320ish.

I keep a $100 bill folded up in my wallet for just in case, but the same bill has been in there for 2 or 3 years now. Maybe longer. I go to the ATM and get $200. When that drops to $20ish I get another $200.
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RE: Cash on hand?
I always keep a couple hundred stashed in the house.

I have encountered over the years - numerous times- someone who needs " cash right now" for something - frequently pennies on the dollar.

I have - for instance - a Swiss K31 rifle I picked up off a guy who needed money for rent. I got the rifle and a couple hundred rounds of Swiss (match grade) ammo for $150 - because I had it in my pocket - and the guy he was talking to needed to " get the money Monday".

The seller needed it NOW.

RE: Cash on hand?
Does counterfeit count? Asking for a friend.

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