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The current state of engineering
RE: The current state of engineering
I work in IT as a field technician. Most of my Level II support works in India.
RE: The current state of engineering
(November 20, 2021 at 4:48 pm)Fake Messiah Wrote:
(November 20, 2021 at 2:43 am)Macoleco Wrote: The main point I wanted to express is that many of the projects you work on in these companies is absolutely meaningless, boring, repetitive, bullshit, etc., idk how to call it.

Isn't that like with almost every job? That's why they usually tell you when you are a kid in school to find something you like and do that because what is tedious for one person is interesting to another.

I mean, I know you say that you work in your profession, but maybe you chose a wrong profession or maybe you can look for another job or start a (small) company. There are many stories about those that started in their garages.

I my case it doesnt really bother me because I got a scholarship for Master and Doctor degree to Japan next year. So that I can become a researcher, which is what I like. But if I had to stay here, I would be very worried. There are more complex projects within the company, but then again its just verification. Verification is very common for engineers here in my country.

(November 20, 2021 at 7:05 pm)Jehanne Wrote: I work in IT as a field technician.  Most of my Level II support works in India.

These big companies like Intel have a lot of workers from 3rd world countries like Costa Rica, India, Indonesia, etc. In fact, many engineers here work together with indians overseas, for example. 

We are treated and paid like 3rd worlders too. What Intel pays an engineer here, is like the minimum wage (or even less), in America.
RE: The current state of engineering
(November 20, 2021 at 8:02 pm)Macoleco Wrote: We are treated and paid like 3rd worlders too. What Intel pays an engineer here, is like the minimum wage (or even less), in America.

I used to be an engineer, 15 years ago. Now, I cannot find a job. Sometimes, I am referred to as a FSE, Field Service Engineer; perhaps they do that to make us feel better about ourselves.
RE: The current state of engineering
The subject of this thread might be changed from “current state of engineering” to “what people often end up doing with an engineering education”

Current state of engineering is fine.   In fact it is in no doubt the best state it has ever been in.     The state of engineering has arguably improved much faster In the last 20 years than it has ever done during any previous 20 year period. 

What people often end up doing with an engineering education, on the other hand, might often seem to be less than what might have seemed possible.    arguably more engineers, and a greater percentage of engineers, are now doing much less than what their education theoretically equipped them to do than any time in the past.
RE: The current state of engineering
On balance, it’s probably a good thing.
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