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The Atheist Forums Playlist
The Atheist Forums Playlist
Everything from Manson prior to Eat Me Drink Me.
RE: The Atheist Forums Playlist
(March 23, 2012 at 8:42 am)NoMoreFaith Wrote: I love Radiohead, but for some reason I've found their material to retain its originality but no hook to make me want to hear it more than once, unlike the paranoid android/bends era.

It seems most people fall into this category, and I do understand exactly where you are coming from - I think all of their albums are nothing less than brilliant, but on each album there are always tracks that while I respect what they are doing it's not something that I will listen to often.
In Rainbows is probably my most listened to of all over the last few years.
If you look at the humble beginnings of Pablo Honey and see the direction they have taken - I am literally in awe of their fearless refusal to sell out - And each time you get an album that charts well and they get a single or two out of it, the next one is guaranteed to be very challenging - OK Computer is widely regarded as their finest hour but instead of going down the Coldplay route, and fine tuning your art for the baying masses and the $$$ they dropped Kid A and Amnesiac on us...

RE: The Atheist Forums Playlist
Thom Yorke Wrote:"It's like a supply and demand thing. It's like 'Well, this is what they want me to do, this is what they want to hear. So I'll do more of this, cuz this is great... and they love me.' Suddenly people start giving you money as well. So then you've got money and you get used to this lifestyle. And you don't wanna take any risks cuz they've got you by the balls, and you've got all these little things that you've bought, or you're attached to. And you start spending all this money... And that's how they get ya!"

Self-authenticating private evidence is useless, because it is indistinguishable from the illusion of it. ― Kel, Kelosophy Blog

If you’re going to watch tele, you should watch Scooby Doo. That show was so cool because every time there’s a church with a ghoul, or a ghost in a school. They looked beneath the mask and what was inside?
The f**king janitor or the dude who runs the waterslide. Throughout history every mystery. Ever solved has turned out to be. Not Magic.
― Tim Minchin, Storm
RE: The Atheist Forums Playlist
Thom puts it far better than I ever could - Never read that before, cheers, I was pretty close!

I must also mention another band that I have lots of love for

Fleet Foxes - Blue Ridge Mountains

RE: The Atheist Forums Playlist
Hey, I've gotten older and I still listen to Pantera, Slayer, NIN, Mushroomhead, Slipknot, etc. You are never too old for metal, just too much of a pussy. Big Grin
RE: The Atheist Forums Playlist
Yet another beautiful song from two steps from hell.

Followed by one of their many epic songs Big Grin

RE: The Atheist Forums Playlist
(March 23, 2012 at 10:43 am)Shell B Wrote: Hey, I've gotten older and I still listen to Pantera, Slayer, NIN, Mushroomhead, Slipknot, etc. You are never too old for metal, just too much of a pussy. Big Grin

Then again there is that world famous gospel group Lamb Of God right Shell?
RE: The Atheist Forums Playlist


I am the Infantry. I am my country’s strength in war, her deterrent in peace. I am the heart of the fight… wherever, whenever. I carry America’s faith and honor against her enemies. I am the Queen of Battle. I am what my country expects me to be, the best trained Soldier in the world. In the race for victory, I am swift, determined, and courageous, armed with a fierce will to win. Never will I fail my country’s trust. Always I fight on…through the foe, to the objective, to triumph overall. If necessary, I will fight to my death. By my steadfast courage, I have won more than 200 years of freedom. I yield not to weakness, to hunger, to cowardice, to fatigue, to superior odds, For I am mentally tough, physically strong, and morally straight. I forsake not, my country, my mission, my comrades, my sacred duty. I am relentless. I am always there, now and forever. I AM THE INFANTRY! FOLLOW ME!
RE: The Atheist Forums Playlist
I'm having a bit of an 'old' songs day today.

The Turtles - Happy Together (Love the mutton-chops!! Hehe )

Patsy Cline - She's Got You

The Carpenters - Close to You

Skeeter Davis - End of the World

Simon & Garfunkel - Bridge Over Troubled Water.
This one makes me cry, we played it at my Dad's funeral. It was one of his favourite songs so it makes me think of him every time I hear it.

Mama Cass Elliott - Make Your Own Kind of Music

"No-one who decides that scientific evidence is not for him and that his own experience or the stories of others is the be all and end all of deciding what's true ever has the right to call people searching for reliable, repeatable evidence narrow-minded. That is hypocrisy of the most laughable kind." Derren Brown - Tricks of the Mind.
RE: The Atheist Forums Playlist

Damnit Thom, the masses demand their opiates. Stand and deliver, man. You aren't one of "those" are you?

"We are glass."

Actually, 'scuse me while I whip this out.

[Image: heartfire.jpg]


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