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BREAKING:Trump Promises Strike on Syria and Warns Russia Against Backing Assad
BREAKING:Trump Promises Strike on Syria and Warns Russia Against Backing Assad

Quote:Trump Promises Strike on Syria and Warns Russia Against Backing Assad


Quote:Syria war: Trump says missiles 'will be coming'


Quote:'Get ready Russia' - Donald Trump tells Putin and Assad to expect missile attack as he says relations now worse than during Cold War

Is this the kick off for world war 3? or is Trump playing gymnastics to drive attention away from himself?

I don't know, but I frankly choose the former, because I believe Syria's war itself is the first battle in WW3 already and an example of the brutal proxy war tactics carried out by superpowers like Russia and the U.S .

Saudi Arabia witnessed ballistic missile launching from Yemen's Houthi militia too, today a missile hit the capital of the kingdom -again-:


Quote:Saudi Arabia intercepts missile over Riyadh: Al Arabiya

The region is on fire.
If this goes on -and it seems like it will-; I think it will end with a nuke dropped. Trump already used MOAB, Russia already used Chemical weapons in Syria.

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BREAKING:Trump Promises Strike on Syria and Warns Russia Against Backing Assad - by WinterHold - April 11, 2018 at 2:40 pm

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