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Theist? Deist? Agnostic?
Theist? Deist? Agnostic?

I have been surfing the religious discussion forums and YouTube clips, I suppose with the aim of finding something interesting that might change or add to my own view of the world.

It is clearly almost impossible for any non-believer to have a useful discussion with anyone who has a faith in the supernatural. Even clever people of the stature of the late Christopher Hitchens fail. The faithful merely state the tenets of their faith, however ridiculous and parochial, as though they were facts. And otherwise clever and rational people, such as mathematician John Lennox, who holds the irrational belief that there must be a " mind behind the Universe " (on the basis that the DNA molecule contains complex information) offers no description of what he thinks that " mind " might be. (I think he secretly wants it to be a personal, loving God, but is frightened he'll look silly if he says so - which he will, of course.)

Instead of atheists trying to gainsay these petty, ridiculous and unreasonable statements with reasoned debate, which they do not deserve, I think atheists should adopt the tactic of the believers. Simply state the facts as we know them; let the theists, agnostics and deists come up with some reason for why they think the facts are wrong.

To show can be more effective than to tell, and satire can get more attention than dialectic, which is why I created this YouTube video to present my view of the place of humankind in the Universe.

See ' God says sorry ' .


Let me know what you think.


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