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The best moment in Top Gear
The best moment in Top Gear
It's hard to find the best moment in Top Gear history considering they've driven all across Europe, America, Africa etc. They've made a car into a space shuttle and then crashed it. They've raced against planes, trains, boats and even a motor powered kayak. They've blown up, burned, crashed, smashed and played darts, football and ice hockey with more vehicles than anybody else in the world.

They've EVEN raced to the north pole.

For a show with £500,000 budget per episode with 350 million viewers world wide what do you think is the best moment in Top Gear?

And it's this, just because of what he said after pointing out the Lamborghini's faults.

RE: The best moment in Top Gear
Embedded it for you Smile

I personally think the best bit of Top Gear was the race in Africa. OLIVER!!!!!!!!!

Damn it, now I have to go watch it again...
RE: The best moment in Top Gear
(September 9, 2008 at 2:51 am)Tiberius Wrote: Embedded it for you Smile

You didn't have to. I don't bother with embedding, making bolds, italics etc.
RE: The best moment in Top Gear
Yeah but it saves people opening a new tab Tongue

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