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Current time: June 30, 2022, 9:05 pm

Poll: Should ShellB aka Sarah Palin stay in her post as VP to our President Tiberius McCain (or should she stay as a mod)
This poll is closed.
8 88.89%
1 11.11%
Total 9 vote(s) 100%
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ShellB Poll
ShellB Poll
As some of you just talk the talk, i'll walk the walk for you and do the poll.
RE: ShellB Poll
[Image: p78qO.jpg]

Your poll is a rigged poll, so I didn't vote in yours. I made a different one and voted in my own. Tongue
RE: ShellB Poll
My poll is not rigged, sir. It has two choices. In fact i'd go as far as to say your poll is more rigged as i can't even click on yours Tongue
RE: ShellB Poll
I still think it's rigged because it has the same two choices (i.e. 2 "yes" options). And the poll in my post was only for myself. Tongue
RE: ShellB Poll
I didn't agree with a lot of what went on recently, but comparing anybody, or anything to sarah palin is just low.. lowest of the low. Smile
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RE: ShellB Poll
You can see Russia from Alaska don'tchaknow
RE: ShellB Poll
Sarah Palin at least has her looks going for her. I'm being compared to McCain...eurgh... Big Grin
RE: ShellB Poll
hmmm...lets see....I get the options of "yes" or "yes" to keep a person in power that I never got to vote for initially and who was installed by the upper tier elite on their own vote?

Who am I kidding? Even if 51% of the forum voted no on Shell she would still be a mod. Because this site isnt a democracy. And I wish you people would stop acting like it is. Everything on this site is the way t is because Tiberius doesnt mind it being that way. If he did mind, it would not happen or exist.

So, please stop acting like this site is a democracy.
RE: ShellB Poll
(April 4, 2012 at 7:28 am)reverendjeremiah Wrote: Who am I kidding? Even if 51% of the forum voted no on Shell she would still be a mod. Because this site isnt a democracy.
No, it's because Shell's status as a moderator is not up for vote. I've said this before, if you want to blame anyone, blame me. Now, if someone wants to create an actual poll with real options ("Yes", "No", "Abstain") about my future as an Administrator, please go ahead.
RE: ShellB Poll
Perhaps you misread my post.

I wasnt blaming anyone.

i was merely pointing out that the site is NOT a democracy.

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