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Maybe If You Stopped Ass Fucking Children
RE: Maybe If You Stopped Ass Fucking Children
I am sure the rest of the aussies here are watching the slo-mo show that is shit and fan meeting catastrophically for the catholic (and assorted other pedophile hiding places) church with as much relish as I. Have been waiting since the royal commission was called for, for George "the fuckhead" Pell to open his cosmically stupid mouth and make life that little bit worse for the mackerel snappers, and lo - yesterday he bleated that the church was being unfairly treated, and He claims it has been maligned by ''smears'', and that the extent of ''misdoing'' inside the Catholic Church has been ''exaggerated'. (SMH November 15, 2012)
Ho Ho! I reckon there is gonna be some "exaggerated" responses to that comment, given that he has also claimed that child rape, if confessed to a fellow priest, is protected from the law because two old cunts happened to be talking inside a wooden box.

Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/opinion/editorial/...z2CF8nOLiC
RE: Maybe If You Stopped Ass Fucking Children
(October 26, 2012 at 7:24 pm)Minimalist Wrote: Ya think?

[Image: outdoor%20papal%20throne.JPG]

[Image: SuicideJesus1.jpg]
[Image: Evolution.png]


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