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Legislation for gay marriage is approved in the UK House of Commons!
Legislation for gay marriage is approved in the UK House of Commons!

Yay! Now it just has to pass through the House of Lords and we'll be one step closer to equality.
Same-sex marriage in England & Wales
It seems soon more countries will be added to this list/map. After France, England and Wales made a big step forward today in legalizing same-sex marriage. Now come on Obama!

Quote:Netherlands (2001)
Belgium (2003)
Spain (2005)
Canada (2005)
South Africa (2006)
Norway (2009)
Sweden (2009)
Portugal (2010)
Iceland (2010)
Argentina (2010)
Denmark (2012)

The map looks better than the list, thanks to Canada.
[Image: _65707789_gay_marriage_624-02.gif]

From the guardian website;
Quote:• MPs have voted for the gay marriage bill by 400 votes to 175 - a majority of 225. Such a large majority probably increases the chances of the bill being able to get through the House of Lords this year, without the government having to rely on the Parliament Act to push it through in 2014.

• More than half of the Tory MPs who voted chose to oppose gay marriage. Initial figures suggest that 139 Tories voted against, and only 132 voted for. Technically this is not a rebellion, because it was a free vote. But it is a severe embarrassment to David Cameron.
RE: Same-sex marriage in England & Wales

Gay marriage legal in South Africa?!?! A country in which homosexuals fear for their lives, are regulary raped and oftern emigrate.
RE: Same-sex marriage in England & Wales
Double-post because of a shared enthousiasm. The admin will fix it.

Until then;
From the bbc-website;

Quote:South Africa, in November 2006, became the first African country to bring in marriage for gay couples - despite homosexuality remaining taboo in large parts of the continent.

That followed a 2004 Supreme Court of Appeal ruling - brought by lesbian couple Marie Fourie and Cecilia Bonthuys - that existing marriage laws discriminated against same-sex couples.
RE: Same-sex marriage in England & Wales
Want me to merge this thread with the one I posted?
RE: Same-sex marriage in England & Wales
Actually, I don't care :-) the message comes through. Delete this one, or yours or whatever :-)
RE: Legislation for gay marriage is approved in the UK House of Commons!
My daughter and her boyfriend made a cake to celebrate Big Grin

[Image: 563400_10200551536368334_622418564_n.jpg]
[Image: cinjin_banner_border.jpg]
RE: Legislation for gay marriage is approved in the UK House of Commons!
Commons may have passed it, lords, may be a bit more challenging.
"Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by the rulers as useful" - Edward Gibbon (Offen misattributed to Lucius Annaeus Seneca or Seneca the Younger) (Thanks to apophenia for the correction)
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RE: Legislation for gay marriage is approved in the UK House of Commons!
Hey, if it goes through: good for them Clap
Please give me a home where cloud buffalo roam
Where the dear and the strangers can play
Where sometimes is heard a discouraging word
But the skies are not stormy all day
RE: Legislation for gay marriage is approved in the UK House of Commons!
History marches on. Congratulations, UK!

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