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Not Texas - but still the old Confederacy
Not Texas - but still the old Confederacy

Quote:Something profoundly awful has seeped into the top strata of American society: Our nation’s corporate and political elites have developed immunity to shame.

It has become morally acceptable for those in lofty circles to enrich themselves while turning their backs on the rest of us

Even more damning, the power elites now feel ethically free to slash America’s tattered safety net, leaving more holes than net for the workaday majority of Americans who’ve been knocked down by the ongoing economic disaster created by these very elites.

North Carolina is the latest state to flaunt its shame-resistant political leadership, which now consists of corporate-funded tea party extremists who loathe the very idea of a safety net.

These North Carolina lawmakers and lobbyists have been gutting everything from their public schools to health care. Now, they’ve turned on their own citizens who are out of work.

In a state with the fifth-highest jobless rate in the country and with no recovery in sight, the right-wing governor and legislature recently whacked unemployment benefits and cut the number of weeks people can receive this essential aid to 19 weeks. The national standard is 26.
RE: Not Texas - but still the old Confederacy
American conservatard logic strikes again.
Slave to the Patriarchy no more
RE: Not Texas - but still the old Confederacy
The right strikes again. It's amazing how these rich fucks always seem to know what's best for the ailing public. Must be those wwjd bracelets they wear as reminders. Tongue

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But now I have come to believe that the whole world is an enigma, a harmless enigma that is made terrible by our own mad attempt to interpret is as though it had an underlying truth.

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RE: Not Texas - but still the old Confederacy
Tea Baggerism is just like religion. Belief trumps knowledge.
RE: Not Texas - but still the old Confederacy
Did you ever consider they are just senile and angry?
Slave to the Patriarchy no more
RE: Not Texas - but still the old Confederacy
In my opinion, we're dealing with the last remains of the Confederacy. The Tea Baggers have little in common with the anti-corporate rebels of 200 some odd years ago that they claim to identify with. If they were honest with themselves and others, they would have named themselves "Johnny Rebs" or some other glorification of the act of treason by the southern aristocrats.

These are the same people that mindlessly chant "USA, USA". What they should be chanting is "CSA, CSA".
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...      -Lucent, trying to defend the Trinity concept
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RE: Not Texas - but still the old Confederacy
what surprises me is people's response to this kind of action............ america is the MOST right wing conservtaive cruelest country in the world......for flying fucks sake.............. look at the respoinse too even the thought of our first black president..... america is far worse then 1940's nazi germany.............. and has kiiled far more iinocent lives than hitler could have ever dreamed why do you ASSHOLE idiots think this snowden guy gets immunity from so many countries?............... is it because america is respected as the most innocent country?............ or is it because we are the most gruesome military dictatorship that has ever existed?

........so sorry what was this article about????????........ whether or not gay couples get health insurance or tax benefits or some bullshit like that?????????????...................................I forget???????????????????????????????????

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