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How do you want your funeral?
RE: How do you want your funeral?
I don't think about it much but i don't want it to be sad.Its funny i want something that is sad to be a happy experience.
RE: How do you want your funeral?
I'm always confused as to how I'd want my funeral.....

I guess at the moment I'm sort of in favour of....just letting my family and friends organise it however they want....because it will be their memories not mine because mine will have gone by then.

I guess maybe I'd have them play my favourite song IF they wanted to.

EDIT: Oh yeah obviously nothing religious, spiritual or superstitious; but I don't think my family and friends would ever want that anyway.
RE: How do you want your funeral?
I'd be dead. I'd have no right to tell them how to grieve.

I would like them to respect some general wishes, though: no religious ceremonies, for example, and I'd rather be incinerated (though they CAN have my organs if they want them -- AFTER my friends and relatives are done with me, that is).
RE: How do you want your funeral?
Lets see that is simple.After I am dead I have told my family that they can cremate my body and the take the ashes and put them in a shoe box and dump them in the toilet.Death is eminent and has never been a concern for me.What happens to me afterwards is less of a concern altogether.
There is nothing people will not maintain when they are slaves to superstition



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