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What's your favorite flower
RE: What's your favorite flower
Moar flowers please
Spring is always false hope
Promises of new life
Spring tells her that she's beautiful
He's insincere and full of lies
RE: What's your favorite flower
I still haven't posted my favourites. Thanks Losty, for the reminder!

Here's one.
Cosmos atrosanguineus
Chocolate cosmo (they actually smell like chocolate too, it's subtle but I just love it)

[Image: cosmos-astrosanguneus.jpg]

(10th September 2014, 14:24)BrokenQuill92 Wrote: Why did you guy bring back this old thing?

Ah. That was my fault. I had just joined and all I saw was flowers and I had to reply. And that was before I was aware of the no posting in dead threads thing. Soz. Undecided
"Yes, I am a Free Lover. I have an inalienable, constitutional and natural right to love whom I may, to love as long or as short a period as I can; to change that love every day if I please, and with that right neither you nor any law you can frame have any right to interfere. And I have the further right to demand a free and unrestricted exercise of that right, and it is your duty not only to accord it, but as a community, to see I am protected in it. I trust that I am fully understood, for I mean just that, and nothing else."
— Victoria Woodhull, “And the truth shall make you free,” a speech on the principles of social freedom, 1871
RE: What's your favorite flower
(10th February 2014, 22:31)BrokenQuill92 Wrote: What's your favorite flower and why?

I know it's corny but roses, my grandmother had some that lasted for over 100 years. She brought them with her from Louisiana. We weren't able to transplant them again when we moved.

Rose Tyler

[Image: Rose-rose-tyler-1088683_1024_768.jpg]
"The greatest deception men suffer is from their own opinions" - Leonardo da Vinci

"I think I use the term “radical” rather loosely, just for emphasis. If you describe yourself as “atheist,” some people will say, “Don’t you mean ‘agnostic’?” I have to reply that I really do mean atheist, I really do not believe that there is a god; in fact, I am convinced that there is not a god (a subtle difference). I see not a shred of evidence to suggest that there is one ... etc., etc. It’s easier to say that I am a radical atheist, just to signal that I really mean it, have thought about it a great deal, and that it’s an opinion I hold seriously." - Douglas Adams (and I echo the sentiment)
RE: What's your favorite flower
(10th September 2014, 14:25)Losty Wrote: Moar flowers please

Don't have to ask me twice and I don't care if we do raise the dead.

Here is a combo I like for the color harmony. An Iochroma with tubular flowers and Verbascum 'Southern Charm'.

[Image: 7186488172_a907c428bf_c.jpg]

I'll put the rest under hide to protect those with a slow system.

(16th February 2017, 18:16)TheOther JoeFish Wrote: So what you're saying is that I can harass all of the members I want for the next 168 hours, as long as I do so in my signature?
RE: What's your favorite flower
Eeee pretty Big Grin
Spring is always false hope
Promises of new life
Spring tells her that she's beautiful
He's insincere and full of lies

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