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Tyson Picks Up Where Sagan Left Off
Tyson Picks Up Where Sagan Left Off

Quote:When astronomer Carl Sagan hosted the 13-part TV Series "Cosmos: A Personal Journey," in 1980, it soon become most widely watched PBS show in the world, and still holds a legendary place in the hearts of many. Now, more than three decades later, the series is being brought back, with astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson as cosmic guide. Tyson, who also spoke with Popular Science for our March issue, chatted with us about the show.
RE: Tyson Picks Up Where Sagan Left Off
I am looking forward to this. Tyson is arguably science's best ambassador; his enthusiasm is genuine and infectious.
RE: Tyson Picks Up Where Sagan Left Off
Good, if anyone deserves to continue to carry the torch it would be him.
RE: Tyson Picks Up Where Sagan Left Off
Let the creatards howl in protest!!!!

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