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Depression and other disorders and Jobs
Depression and other disorders and Jobs
While there is a topic about depression. I would like to touch on a topic many people I think have trouble finding sources for or ignorant of. That is, handling a job while either having ADHD, Depression, Bipolar and other various weird issues with our complex brains.

Approaching your job about your issue is risky, however due to the common effects of performance, inter-coworker relationships, and being either late or absent a lot. The risk is far outweighed by the fact the later results WILL lose your job or affect your job environment.

Now, what I have done was approach my HR department (professionally), and informed them of the situation. It pays to have some kind of written thing from your doctor. However, once you have official documents showing this can effect your performance. You actually have protection under law. Some of the laws are the ADA and the FMLA laws. They have informed me that once they get a list of things that my employer can do to help maximize the environment or be accommodating of my issues. It will be a requirement for my bosses to follow those guidelines.

Now, there is the FMLA. What that is the Family and Medical Leave Act. Basically you are covered for 12 months to absent because of either family or medical reasons, and you cannot lose your job. It is unpaid leave, but for someone who has suicidal threatening episodes. A sudden absence can be covered (which is usually 72 hour hold time), provided I have an excuse from a medical professional. Now I have full HR support, they have my understanding that I am doing what I can to improve myself. So they now will meet me half way. This has made my job much better and it will increase once I can work with them to be more productive.

That is something I have done to maintain a job and cope with depression and ADHD. However, anyone have advice of things they have done? It could be helpful because some people, this information might be new to them.
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RE: Depression and other disorders and Jobs
There is no real way for me to work with my condition unless it is a job that inherently compliments my disordered thinking, poor concentration, and wavering interest. SSI for life right here.
RE: Depression and other disorders and Jobs
My GF is applying for that as well. I seen how debilitating depression and anxiety has made her life. So no shame.
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I would be a televangelist....but I have too much of a soul.
RE: Depression and other disorders and Jobs
I got it first try, no issues. Although I did not get SSDI because the last time I had a taxable job was too long ago for them to give it to me.
RE: Depression and other disorders and Jobs
I am extremely lucky to be working for my father-in-law, so my schedule is extremely flexible.

Otherwise, holding a job does suck, and I don't have any good advice to give. I'm not that good at it.
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RE: Depression and other disorders and Jobs
I am so lucky, I love my job, have really understanding co-workers and my boss knows my situation. I actually love going to work, since I can take the role of a kind and smiling customer server, and in return I have nice and smiling customers. It's a simple enough job to do when down, so I don't need to think too hard, and it's one of the things that kept me from completely losing my shit. I could not work full time however, it would be too taxing, but a couple of days a week is ideal for me.
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